Wurth Underbody Seal Black


Wurth Underbody Seal – 893075 protects vehicle underbody, wheel housings and sills permanently from corrosion through stone chipping, road salts, etc. This permanently flexible rubber-plastic coating is impervious to temperature changes and can be easily cleaned. Wurth Underbody Seal being a plactic-based product can be painted however does not require top coating for water repelancy and perment underbody protection. 



Wurth Underbody Seal – 893075 is a synthetic rubber and plastic-based coating compound containing solvents and suitable for painting over. Protects vehicle underbody, rocker panels, wheel housings, sills and front and rear sections permanently from corrosion through stone chipping, road salts, etc. Deadens droning noises from engine and luggage compartments as well as door wells. Fast drying. Permanently elastic. Impervious to temperature changes. No spray mist. No running or dripping on vertical surfaces. Paintable even with light colored paints.

– Fast drying
– Reduced drying time (vehicle can be driven away after approximately 3 hours in the case of air drying)
– Suitable for painting over
– Can be painted over after 6 hours with all standard painting systems (follow manufacturer’s manual)
– Excellent adhesion performance
– High abrasion resistance
– Permanently elastic
– Active stone chip protection
– Anti-drone effect
– Prevents noises and vibrations
– Temperature-resistant
– VOC Compliant
– Complies with the VOC maximum content
– Paintable in 1-2 hours
– Lasting, elastic protection
– Sound deadener
– Vapor free application, doesn’t run or drip
– Use in underbody &?rocker panel applications
– Do not -push- dry

Areas of application
For touching up and for protecting the underbody, wheel wells, sills, spoiler, front and rear aprons, engine compartment, etc.

WarningThis product can expose you to Carbon Black which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Toluene, Methanol which are known to the State to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

For more information go to: https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

Additional information


33.8 oz. (1000mL)


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