About Goodspeed Motoring

Goodspeed Motoring originally opened as Showpiece Detailing in 1985. The goal of Showpiece was simple. Offer customers a higher quality alternative to the crowded “production” detailing market. Showpiece quickly attracted the attention of automotive enthusiasts looking for specialized detailing services.

I joined Showpiece in 1987, at age 16. I was as a detailing assistant to Steve Nelson. I quickly proved worthy of Steve’s approval and worked side by side with him until becoming the detailing manager in 1989. I worked full time for Steve until 1991 when I returned to college, however, working with Steve on specialized projects such as vehicles being prepared for the Concours D’Elegance at Pebble Beach or media shoots for magazines such as Road & Track.

I returned to detailing as a profession in 1995, joined the Sports Car Club of America as a Concours D’Elegance judge, and within a few months decided to acquire Showpiece to strengthen a new company started a few months before. This company is Goodspeed Motoring.

Goodspeed Motoring started in September 1995 with the same goal of offering high quality detailing and restoration services as Showpiece had for the previous 10 years. As Goodspeed Motoring grew, so had the demand of customers inquiring on how to maintain their vehicles between visits. Others were either not able to bring their vehicles hundreds of miles for our services, or just talented do-it-your-self types looking for professional quality products. Thus we created goodspeedmotoring.com. A web site devoted entirely to the appearance and preservation of motor vehicles.


Jeremy Goodspeed