Wurth Grade 5 Japanese Metric Hardware Assortment with Washers


Perfect for Japanese Vehicles!

Wurth is well known for offering the highest quality hardware in the world. Wurth is an OEM supplier for many OEM’s. This Grade 5 Metric Japanese hardware kit features 470 pieces of clear (silver) zinc plated hardware. Hex nuts, hex bolts and sturdy washers, a great assortment of sizes from 6 to 12mm with the correct head size for Japanese vehicles.

Also included: A sturdy plastic tray and a commercial quality metal storage box with a latchable lid.

Please allow 2-3 Business Days for shipment.  These kits are assembled by Wurth on a Special Order Basis.

Do you have this Wurth Hardware Kit and need a product refill?

We can special order any Wurth item.  Just contact us for details!

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