Non Insulated German Electrical Connentor Crimp Tool



Our Non Insulated German Electrical Connector Crimp Tool may look simple, but it provides the highest quality crimp and is specially used with our German open barrel connectors. Made in Europe, this simple hand tool will crimp most of our open barrel connectors for a OEM factory look. This is the go-to tool for random-sized open barrel crimps. The single-width, non-ratcheting, full-manual crimpers are the way to go for standard open barrel contacts. The single width only closes one part of the contact at a time. And since it’s manual you control the crimp. Made in Sweden.

Don’t let this simple tool fool you. I have used (and purchased) many tools with “special dies” that cannot duplicate the crimp quality of this tool.

Crimps 0.5 – 6.0mm2 wires (8 – 20 AWG)

For more technical information regarding the use of this crimping tool, please click:

Please Note: This tool will not crimp flag terminals.

Due to this product being imported from Sweden, availability varies.

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