Insulated Tab Terminal Strip 3 Connector


The Weco 406 insulated quick-connect tab connector can connect up to three 6.3 mm (0.250 inch) receptacles together into one circuit or pole. One tab faces in the opposite direction of the other two. The sleeves are sufficiently large to cover the receptacles so as to insulate them from short circuits. It is made of clear PVC that is flexible and transparent. It is ideal for simple wire harnesses or for ganging connections together to one potential. Excellent for applications involving older German Car Restorations, motors, audio-speakers, crossovers, lighting and panel circuitry.

Perfect and correct for German car restorations and complements our non insulated electrical connectors.

Weco is an OEM supplier to many vintage German car makers.

Temperature limits : Short Time : 80°C (176°F) Continuous : 70°C (158°F)

Tabs: Nickel plated copper alloy 3 x 6.3 mm (0.250 in.) to connect three receptacles


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